General spoken words are not reflection of heart and therefore it claims to be vain. Sorry or similar phases has become formality rather than heart felt because we live in dead peoples world (internally) and in result set example of saying blind follows blind. Therefore things has to be looked from eternal perspective (internally) than just being outward appearances.
When we look into 2 Timothy 3:16-17it speaks on scripture's profitability in its application not just hearing but doing accordingly and truly all believers take inspirations from scripture (for scantification). Observing Paul's letter to Philemon which he wrote when he was in prison is a best ever letter wrote on forgiveness which reflects Christ like character (producing fruit of spirit) and not mans own nature (natural man produces fruit of flesh). Is your heart the same of those true believers?.
Did you know the word profitable also means Onesimus who is referred in book of Philemon (v10) and from same book name Philemon means Joy (v20) in terms of verb.
Philemon is a personal letter written by Paul as a mediator to solve certain things between Onesimus and Philemon which is very doctrinal and speaks of his nature of Christian life. Paul's sets testimony to all believers by his way of life by living according to word of God (Practically).
Paul's personal values was not only restricted to salvation but moved to edification of saints (how well we support others to grow?)
Is not our character to be like Paul? As he was gentle in asking for Onesimus sins, Paul had begotten Onesimus under his bonds, made him profitable under his ministry and ask for his forgiveness through heart by taking his debts unto his own accountant.
Paul not only used character of gentleness but showed wise expression by expressing himself as Prisoner of Christ (v1) instead of showing showing as great men of God as apostle or any highly representative terms, he was down to facts and also goes on to express his old age ( v9) an well experience and knowledge of his works that built faith and sustained to serve others even at prison he continued to think for others (work of spirit).
Looking in to ethical values, Onesimus had bad behaviour who robed money and owe to Philemon in previous but Onesimus needed restitution where Paul showed his good response by sending Onesimus to Philemon instead of keeping him in Rome at his missionary, there was things needed to be made right and to be clear forgiveness needs some thing to be made right it is not running from past but making it right to make our journey (Pilgrimage) strong.
This divine fore site teaches us providence of God, Paul says in (v15) perhaps which is might be God's will he is not dogmatic on his words but suggesting possibly that his departure in past was considered God's way to bring him back forever (eternity). Are our ways reflect Christ? Does our walk reflects God's shadow? Why man boasts he know scripture and find it hard to do? Is it not practicing it, then how come one be scantified without practicing the goodlyness, just reading and hearing gospel doesn't bear spiritual fruits but by practical application which changes one's heart totally. Did not James the earthly brother of Jesus said Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. -James 2:18 then what holds one saying I know Christ and do good thing only at Church and when they are out of it they do all ungodly things, did you not know how the friendship with this world makes you enemy of God?, Consider that devil is not against good things but against God and so if you are doing things that doesn't glorify God in our acts then they are of devil, consider and flee from all immorality as some are your entertainments that may be watching TV for fun or similar purpose (watch things if you can say Amen and Glorify them) and many major scripture has identified consequences of SIN (Galatians 3).
In time to come I will refine my understanding of God and through scripture believe that any one who is growing in Christ can't be still in his growth. Be doers of word not just hearers.
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